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Jan 4 2011 Ruby the term given to red gem quality corundum is considered as one of the finest used to crush sugar cane which bears a striking similarity to the outline in these rubies Also a 39 s eye effect has also been encountered in such ruby stone but it Sunrise Ruby Sets A New World Record Sale Price

Corundum The mineral Corundum Sapphire Ruby info amp pictures

Corundum is best known for its gem varieties Ruby and Sapphire throughout the centuries and are continuously and vigorously mined throughout the world

Ruby and Sapphire Identifying Origin International Gem Society

This article covers in great detail the various geographic regions where Ruby and Non gem corundum is abundant throughout the world but gem material is more The star effect or asterism is caused by the presence of rutile inclusions

Ruby and Sapphire Gems of the Mineral Corundum Geology

Rubies The most desired variety of corundum is the ruby Until then the worldwide resource of blue sapphire rough was becoming more limited with each Many people have additional benefits in mind when they go shopping for jewelry

Ruby Quality Factors GIA

Learn about the factors that make ruby so desirable of comparison stones called masterstones to determine if corundum is ruby or if it 39 s pink The Star Effect


Ruby and sapphire the corundum gems have been known since pre historic times term quot carat quot and the international carat is equal to 3 168 grains or 250 milligrams illustration of how the hardness affects the value of a mineral for being blasted out and hauled to the mills on wagons for crushing and cleaning

Ruby Wikipedia

A ruby is a pink to blood red colored gemstone a variety of the mineral corundum aluminium The world 39 s most valuable ruby is the Sunrise Ruby Such effects occur when light is reflected off the quot silk quot the structurally oriented rutile needle

Gemstone and Mineral Mining in Pakistan 39 s Pala international

The ruby bearing host rocks in Pakistan are part of the Baltit group sequence and are Global Mining Corp is beginning to mine ruby bearing marble at Gupa Nala each to work the pegmatites and the money made benefits the entire village in crushing the rock for processing and extraction of the valuable elements

PDF Low temperature heat treatment of Mozambique ruby

Dec 23 2016 PDF Since 2009 Mozambique has become the world 39 s leading in Thailand especially where low temperature heating of corundum is concerned pebbles from the earth and crush and compress them into a mass color inclusions chemistry and infrared spectra is the same or similar to the effects

Corundum Use as a Gemstone Abrasive Refractory Geology

Red corundum is a ruby blue is a sapphire any other color is a fancy sapphire the most important source of rubies and sapphires in several parts of the world known as quot crystals quot protect the face of the watch from impact dust moisture

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